Turing Tumble Community

Additional capabilities for the community?

Is it possible to add features to the TT Community? (@dshapiro ) Its great for sharing results and challenges, but lacks some features that would be useful for community problem solving.
There is an active problem at the moment to seek the smallest pattern of balls that can not be created using the standard TT set (see here ) . It would be handy to be able to set up some kind of a table of each of the patterns (for example, indexed like this) , and be able to have folks post solutions, other folks validate the solutions and everyone look for gaps to fill. I suspect the list would need to be a few thousand patterns long so using the current community wouldn’t work well (and would also rather confuse and swamp other activities). There may be alternative approaches - perhaps allow some users to have edit rights on their posts for much longer periods? Any insights or suggestions welcome!